1. Degree: PhD.


2. Duration of study:

a. 3-7 years.

b. For the direct PhD. program for Master’s students, the minimum duration of study is 5 years with a requirement of 54 credits.


3. The minimum graduation credits for the PhD. program are 25 credits. Up to 6 credits from courses taken across different departments can be counted. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in international exchange programs to study relevant PhD. courses abroad, with a maximum of 9 credits eligible for transfer.


4. Requirements for the qualification of “PhD. candidate”

a. Upon completing all required and elective courses, students are eligible to participate in the “Ph.D. candidacy” qualification examination.

b. The “Ph.D. candidacy” qualification examination is conducted in the format of thesis proposal oral defense.


5. Requirements for Obtaining the PhD. Degree

a. Publishing one paper in TSSCI, THCI Core, SSCI, or AHCI journals, or two papers in peer-reviewed professional journals (one of which has to be published in the “Journal of Culture Resources” of the school).

b. Presenting two papers at international academic conferences, with at least one presentation conducted abroad.

c. Passing a credible foreign language proficiency test, either administered by TNUA or an external institution.

d. Passing the PhD. thesis oral defense


The above information is subject to the latest revisions at the time of future enrollment.


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