In addition to the compulsory courses on PhD thesis and research methods, the curriculum is composed of the following three academic clusters:


1.Cultural heritage regulations and arts theory

To research based on studies in domestic and international cultural heritage regulations and arts theory.

Courses: World Heritage and Cultural Heritage Regulations, Special Topics in Cultural and Arts Administrative Systems, History of Museums, Theories of Arts and Humanities Education, etc.


2. Cultural and Arts Interpretation and Innovation

To explore interpretation and innovation in tangible and intangible cultural heritage and traditional arts.

Courses: Comparative Studies of International Cultural Policies, History of Western Architecture, Special Topics in Museology and Intangible Cultural Heritage, Theories of Cultural and Creative Industries, Film Theory and Aesthetics Studies, etc.


3. Arts Exhibitions, Performances and Social Practices

To cultivate students’ spirit of social care and artistic practice through field studies and research planning.

Courses: Exhibition and Performance Strategies, Management Practices in Cultural and Creative Industries, Study on Museums and Contemporary Social Issues, Sociology of Arts and Community, Field Studies and Preservation of Folklore , Study on World Heritage Sites and Artistic Organizations, etc.

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