賀!本博班109級謝斐同學 榮獲本校112學年度第1學期研究所優秀僑生獎學金
報名日期:112年12月4日(一) 9:00至112年12月13日(三)止17:00截止(一律線上報名)

About Us

The PhD. Program focuses on “Cultural Heritage” and “Arts Innovation”, aiming to cultivate talents with expertise in tangible cultural heritage, intangible cultural heritage, museum studies, cultural policy, arts administration and management, arts and humanities education, and cultural and creative industries.

Cultivate Professional Talents in the Fields of Cultural Heritage and Arts

Excellent Teachers

Professor, Dean of the School of Culture Resources, Chief Director of Center for Traditional Arts, Director of the Ph.D. Program in Cultural Heritage and Arts Innovation Studies
Professor, Dean of Academic Affairs
Professor, Vice President, Chief Director of Center for Art and Technology
Distinguished Professor, Vice President


The Program aims to establish a teaching and research atmosphere that is free, diverse, and emphasizes social care. The Program also emphasizes international perspective and local engagement, aspiring to become a key research center for cultural resources in Taiwan.

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