Wan-Chen Chang Professor

Education:PhD, Muséologie, Muséum National d’histoire Naturelle
Research Interests:Museology, Exhibition Narrative Theories, Collection Studies, History of Sino-French Art Exchange in the 19th Century.
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Wan-Chen Chang is currently an Associate Professor of the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies of the Taipei National University of the Arts, a board member of the International Committee for Museology of ICOM, and a standing board member of the Chinese Association of Museums. She received her PhD. in Muséologie at the Muséum National d’histoire Naturelle. She is also the chief editor of Museum and Culture and a member of the editorial board of Museology Quarterly.

Prior to her teaching duties, she has served at the National History Museum (Taiwan) and curated a number of international exhibitions, and has been conducting interdisciplinary curatorial activities ever since. In recent years, her research interests are mainly on exhibition narrative theories, collection studies and the history of the nineteenth-century Sino-French art exchange. She is the author of On Museology (Sur la Muséologie), and has published many academic papers in Chinese, English and French.


Seminar on Museum Exhibition
Trends of New Museology
Contemporary Curatorship and Social Issues
Museum History