Shih-Chuan Huang Associate Professor

Education:Ph.D. in Engineering from Tokyo University
Research Interests:Taiwanese architecture in Japanese Occupation Era, Preservation, Restoration and Renovation of Historic Buildings
Contact Me:
(02)2896-1000 ext. 5272



Assistant Professor Huang Shih-Chuan served as a consultant for the “Forestry Bureau Cultural Assets Inventory and Guidance Plan.” She authored “Mountain City and Water Town Architecture” published by Linking Publishing Co., and composed the chapters of“City of Mountains and Ocean – Yokohama.”
Important papers published in journals or in seminars recently include “The Traditional Architecture in Taiwan Architect History Research during Japanese Occupation” published in the Modern Chinese Architect Research and Conservation IV, 〈建功神社─物言わぬ歴史の証人〉published in the Journal of Architectural Building and Science, 〈台湾における近代建築の保存に関する研究─プロビンシア城について〉published in the 2002 Academic Support Team Summaries, and “Colony Architecture and Ceremony Locations” published in the “Taoyuan Shrine Center- Colonial History Museum’ Looking Back, Reflections, and Reproduction Seminar.”
She has served as the project director for various research plans, including the “Western Architecture Operation Manual,” the publishing plan of the Japanese book translated into Chinese – “Restoration – Reviving the Skills of Historical Community Architecture,” the publishing plan of the Japanese book translated into Chinese -“Modern Architecture Disintegration,” and the “Cultural Assets Inventory Guidance Plan” and “Danshui Concrete Cultural Assets Inventory Plan” by the Taiwan Postal Co.


Curriculum:Taiwanese architecture in Japanese Occupation Era