Min-Chin Chiang Associate Professor

Education:Ph.D. in Archaeology from Leiden University, The Netherlands
Research Interests:Traditional Craft Studies, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Modern Development of Traditional Arts
Contact Me:
(02)2896-1000 ext. 3433




Dr. Min-Chin Chiang recently published Memory Contested, Locality Transformed: Representing Japanese Colonial ‘Heritage’ in Taiwan (Amsterdam University Press and Chicago University Press, 2012) based on her Ph.D. research. Her important publications include “The Hallway of Memory—A Case Study on the Diversified Interpretation of Cultural Heritage in Taiwan,” in Heylen, Ann and Sommers, Scott, eds., Becoming Taiwan: From Colonialism to Democracy (Wiesbaden: The Harrassowitz Publishing Company, 2010); and “Building Locality at Sites of Memory in Taiwan” in Archiv Orientální / Oriental Archive: Quarterly Journal of African and Asian Studies. (2010) 78: 3: 321-339. Her research field lies in craft, intangible heritage, and heritage dynamics in relation to community, institution and global consumerism.
She is currently an Assistant Professor in the Graduate Institute of Architecture and Cultural Heritage, and has been working for the TNUA Center for Traditional Arts since 2012. She was an associate of Fellowships for Doctoral Candidates in the Institute of Taiwan History at the Academia Sinica, Taiwan (2010-2011), and was the Acting Director of a municipal museum, Taipei County Gold Ecological Park.


Contemporary Transformation of Traditional Arts