Jan-Yen Huang Assistant Professor

Education:PhD, Kyoto Institute of Technology
Research Interests:Museum and Local Society, Museum Policy Studies of Intangible Cultural Heritage
Contact Me:ext. 3404


Jan-Yen Huang is currently an Assistant Professor of the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies at the Taipei National University of the Arts. She holds a PhD from Kyoto Institute of Technology, and is the author of The Preservation System of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Japan and Korea, and editor-in-chief of Museum and Collection of Ethnic Folk Cultures. At present, she is a committee member of three national and two local cultural heritage committees. She is also a board member of the Chien Kuo Foundation for Arts and Culture, Yun Chen Cultural Foundation and Jin Wanxi Cultural and Educational Foundation. Her research interests mainly focus on three areas: the history of museums in Japan, museums and local society, and studies of intangible cultural heritage. In terms of public services, she has dedicated herself in planning training programs for museum professionals in Taiwan and coordinated international cooperation, while also putting great efforts in inspecting the preservation scheme and system of intangible cultural heritage in Taiwan.


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