Chia-Li Chen

Education:PhD, Museum Studies, University of Leicester
Research Interests::Folk Craft Aesthetic, Folklore Studies, Traditional Arts Contact Me:



Chia-Li Chen is the director of the Graduate Institute of Museum Studies at the Taipei National University of the Arts. She received her PhD in Museum Studies at the University of Leicester. She is the author of Museums and Cultural Identities: Learning and Recollection in Local Museums in Taiwan (VDM Verlag) and has published some English papers in journals and edited books such as Re-presenting Disability, Displaced Heritage and Museum Revolutions. She is also a consultant of the National 228 Memorial Museum and a member of editorial board of several journals, including Museology Quarterly (Taiwan), Journal of Shanghai Science & Technology Museum (China) and Museum Worlds (U.K.). Her research interests focus on three main areas: museums and contemporary social issues, especially the engagement and representation of the disabled and minority groups, museum, traumatic memories and human rights, and the history of community and literature museums.


Research Methodology
Fieldwork and Conservation of Folklore
Studies on the Aesthetics of Traditional Arts

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Research Projects
2013/8-2014/7 Representation/De-stigmatization: Study on Exhibitions of Mental Illness.The National Science Council (NSC 102-2410-H-119-009).
2012/8-2013/7 The Interaction between the Museum and Visitors with Mental Disorders: Case Studies of the U.K. and Taiwan II. The National Science Council (NSC 101-2410-H-119-006).
2011/8-2012/7 The Interaction between the Museum and Visitors with Mental Disorders: Case Studies of the U.K. and Taiwan I. The National Science Council (NSC 100-2410-H-119-010).
2010/8-2011/7 A Study on Influences of Literature Text, Exhibition & Sound Element on Visitors’ Museum Experience (NSC 99-2410-H-119-005).
2009/8-2010/7 A Study of the Application of Sound Archive in the Literature Museum. The National Science Council (NSC 98-2410-H-119-007).
2005/8-2006/7 Museums and Traumatic Memories. The National Science Council (NSC 94-2411-H-026-004).
2004/8-2005/7 The Role of the Museum in Promoting Social Inclusion: Case Studies in the U.K. and Taiwan. The National Science Council (NSC 93-2411-H-026-003).


English Journal Articles
2012 Representing and Interpreting Traumatic History: A Study of Visitor Comment Books at the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. Museum Management and Curatorship, 27(4): 375-392.
2003 Interpreting History: Adults’ Learning in the Taipei 228 Memorial Museum. Museological Review 9: 16-29.
2002 The Museum in Transition: Community Involvement in North East Taiwan. Museological Review 8: 37-50

Book & Book chapter
2010 Museums and Cultural Identities: Learning and Recollection in Local Museums in Taiwan. Saarbrucken: VDM Publishing House.
2014 “Trauma, Knowledge and Memories: Exhibition and Interpretation at the 921 Earthquake Education Park” In Displaced Heritage. Chapter: pp. ed. Peter Davis. (forthcoming)
2010 “Gaze, Disability and Human Rights in Taiwan: The Losheng Story Museum”In Re-resenting Disability. Chapter 17: pp.244-256. ed. Richard Sandell. London: Routledge, pp. 244-256.
2007 “Museums and the Shaping of Identity: A Case Study in Taiwan”. in Museum Revolutions: How Museums Change and are Changed. Chapter 17: pp. 173-188. eds. Simon J. Knell, Suzanne MacLeod & Sheila Watson. London: Routledge.

Conference Papers
2012 The Influence of Background Music on Visitors: The Case Study of the Laiho Memorial Museum. ICOM CECA Asia Pacific Regional Meeting 2012. Japan: National Museum of Japanese History. Nov.30-Dec.1. (co-author: Chengia Tsai)
2010 Representing and Interpreting Traumatic History: A Study on Visitors’ Comment Book of the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum. ICOM General Conference, CECA Committee. China, Shanghai City. Nov. 7-12, 2010.
2006 Museums and the Shaping of Identity: A Case Study in Taiwan. The Museum: A World Forum, University of Leicester, April 25-27, 2006. (Invited Speaker).
2004 Clog Collecting in the Bai-mi Community of Taiwan, National Meeting of the Popular Culture / American Culture & Southwest Texas/Popular Culture & American Culture Associations, April


劉曉樺,2010。Old is New!?故宮宣傳影片及青年觀眾解讀之研究。國立臺北藝術大學博物館研究所碩士論文。