Chen-Wei Lin Associate Professor

Education:Ph.D. in Literature from Osaka University, Japan
Research Interests:Folk Craft Aesthetic, Folklore Studies, Traditional Arts
Contact Me:
(02)2896-1000 ext. 5412



Dr. Cheng-Wei Lin is specialized in Folk crafts aesthetic (Mingei), folklore, and traditional arts & culture.
Dr. Cheng-Wei Lin was author of the ‘Modern Craft and Design Movements’ and many more.
His major dissertations included ‘Shrine Otsuzumi and Noh Music – Profile of Japanese Folklore’ in Taiwan Shrine Otsuzumi Reports published by National Taiwan Museum; ‘The Concept formation and Development of Taiwan Modern “Crafts”’ in WORDS FOR DESIGN 2 published by Japan Design Forum; ‘Ceremonies for Ritual Boundaries in Huagau, A Folk Religion of Taiwan’ in Koyasan University and Koyasan Shingon Buddhism published by Esoteric Buddhist Studies: Identity in Diversity; ‘Arts, Climate, District — The Formation and Implementation of YANAGI Muneyoshi’s the Early Mingei (folk craft) Ideas’ in Art Review No. 17 published by Taipei National University of the Arts; and ‘Taiwanese crafts movement of Yen Shui-Long and Yanagi Muneyoshi – The Folk Crafts (Mingei) in a Comparative Perspective’ in Art Review No. 18 published by Taipei National University of the Arts.
There were articles published in journals for Chinese, Japanese, and English included ‘Creation and Characteristics on the Principal and Subordinate Relationship of Worshiping God in Taiwanese Tradition’; ‘Taiwanese Folk Crafts and Yanagi Muneyoshi’; ‘Mascot in Baby Shower and Traditional Value’; ‘Subordinate God under the Taiwanese Folk Religious’; ‘Lucky Artifacts among Taiwan’; Paper Craft in Puli Township for Buddhist Sacrificial Ceremony in 2008 – Superb and Vivid Folkarts’; and 異文化に根張る焼き物の色.
Dr. Cheng-Wei Lin is currently devoting on the researches in intangible cultural capital, traditional art aesthetics (mingei aesthetic), Taiwanese folkarts, and religious art during Japanese Colonial Period.


Research Methodology, Fieldwork and Conservation of Folklore, Studies on the Aesthetics of Traditional Arts