Bor-Shuenn Chiou Associate Professor

Education:Ph.D. in Architecture from the University of Edinburgh, UK
Research Interests:堪輿學、西洋建築史論、建築史學
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Associate Professor Chiou specializes in history and theories of Western architecture, architectural historiography and geomancy. Important journal papers include “Traditional Architecture and Cosmology” published in Scientific Knowledge, “On Pevsner’s An Outline of European Architecture: A Case of Demonstration for the Hegelian Approach to Architectural Historiography” and “Commentary on Young-Tzu Wong, A Paradise Lost: The Imperial Garden Yuanming Yuan” published in New History, and “A Preliminary Survey on the Dunhuang Manuscripts of Feng Shui,” and “A Preliminary Survey on the Tanlang Terms” published in the Journal of Cultural Resources.
His important research results include “A Sino-Western Comparative Case Study on the Reconstruction of the Design Principle and Procedure of Traditional Houses” which received an A-Class Research Award from the National Science Council; in addition, the preservation and plans for passing down traditional skills: “Report of the Preservation and Inheriting Plan for the Craftsmanship of Master Canpenter Shi Kunyu” commissioned by the Council for Cultural Affairs Center for Traditional Arts, and research series such as the “A Documentary Survey on the Chinese Traditional Building Ritual of “Raising the Ridge-Pole”
“A Preliminary Survey of the Dunhuang Manuscripts of Feng Shui” and “A Tentative Establishment of the Environmental Epistemological System of the Traditional Chinese-on the Bans of the Integration of the Results of Separate Research Projects” etc.


Geomancy, History and Theories of Western Architecture, Architectural Historiography Curriculum: Studies on Chinese Geomancy