PositionName EducationResearch InterestsContact Me
Professor / DirectorWan-Chen ChangPhD, Muséologie, Muséum National d’histoire NaturelleExhibition Narrative Theories, Collection Studies, History of Museumstel. 2893-8204
ProfessorChyi-Wen YangMFA, Indiana University School of Theatre, U.S.Arts Administration and Management, Cultural Policy and Arts Resources, Stage Design, Theatre Architecture Planning and Design, Architecture and Space Design
ProfessorChung-Shiuan ChangEd.D. at Teachers College, Columbia University, U.S.History and Theory of Dance Education, Creative Dancecschang@dance.tnua.edu.tw
ProfessorHui-Cheng LinPh.D. in Architecture, University of Edinburgh, UKTaiwanese Architecture History, Human Settlement, Cultural Heritage Conservationhclin@arcsv.tnua.edu.tw
ProfessorRung-Shun WuPh.D. in Ethnomusicology, Paris West University Nanterre La Défense, FrancePhilosophy, Film Studies, Contemporary Artpolyvoice@yahoo.com.tw
ProfessorChi-Nan ChenPh.D. in Anthropology, Yale University, U.S.
Cultural Anthropology, Cultural Studies, Cultural Policy chen6267@gmail.com
ProfessorHeng PingMA, New York University, U.S.Dance Education, ArtsAdministration, Taiwanese Original Residents Danceping2338@ms28.hinet.net
ProfessorSung-Shan WangPh.D. candidate in Social Anthropology, Oxford University, UKMuseum Ethnography and Anthropology, Museography, Museum Interpretation and Communicationpeongsi@gmail.com
ProfessorWan-Lee ChenPh.D., Edinburgh College of Art, UKCostume Designer, Traditional Craft Studies wanlee33@hotmail.com
ProfessorBor-Shuenn ChiouPh.D. in Architecture, University of Edinburgh, UKGeomancy, History and Theories of Western Architecture, Architectural Historiography bschiou@arcsv.tnua.edu.tw
ProfessorShaw-Ren Lin Ph.D. in Education, National Chenchi UniversityEducation evaluation, Teaching Assessment Theories and Practice, Curriculum Integrationsrlin@academic.tnua.edu.tw
ProfessorChia-Li ChenPhD, Museum Studies, University of LeicesterFolk Craft Aesthetic, Folklore Studies, Traditional Artsext.5414
ProfessorShu-Hwa JungPh.D. at School of Drama, University of Exeter, UKTheatre in Education, Sociology of Theatre and the Community, A/R/Tography, Theatre Space Aesthetics jungshuhwa@gmail.com
Emeritus ProfessorPao-Yao LinPh.D. in Arts, University of Tsukuba, JapanBuddhism Fine Arts, Religious Art paoyao@ccnia.tnua.edu.tw
Emeritus ProfessorTzong-Ching JuDiploma of Music Performer in Percussion, Hochschule für Musik und Darstellende Kunst Wien, Austria
Percussion Instrument, ArtsAdministration, Theatre Management
Emeritus ProfessorShen-Shen WuPh.D. in National Taiwan Normal UniversityPsychology, Education and Counseling; Gender Issues; General Education; Narrative Learning; Adult Learningsswu@ge.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorChien-Yeh HuangMFA, Chinese Culture UniversityDirecting, Playwriting wkyedmond@yahoo.com.tw
Associate ProfessorShih-Chuan Huang Ph.D. in Engineering, Tokyo University, JapanTaiwanese architecture in Japanese Occupation Era, Preservation, Restoration and Renovation of Historic Buildings shiken30@gmail.com
Associate ProfessorHuei-Ling LiuPh.D. in Journalism, National ChengChi UniversityMedia Research, Public Relations, Art Communicationannieliu@mam.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorJun-Jine WangMaster Class in Visual Communication, Art Academy Berlin (HdK), GermanyNew Media Art, Future Film, Interdisciplinary Art wangjunjieh@gmail.com
Associate ProfessorCheng-Wei LinPh.D. in Literature, Osaka UniversityFolk Craft Aesthetic, Folklore Studies, Traditional Artsmoriokastr@gmail.com
Associate ProfessorHsiu-Jen JianPh.D. in Far-East Research, Université Paris VII, FranceTaiwanese Theatre, Dramatic Criticism, Analysis of Theatrical Text, Dramaturgy
and Society
Associate ProfessorJen-I LiaoPh.D. in Aesthetics, Université Paris X, FranceAesthetics, Sociology of Art, Art Museum and Curatorshipjiliao@mam.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorChien-Hung Huang Ph.D. in Philosophy, Université Paris VIII, France
Philosophy, Film Studies, Contemporary Art devenir72@gmail.com
Associate ProfessorJieh-Horng TsengPh.D. in Technology Application and Human Resource Development, National Taiwan Normal UniversityTheory and Practice on Cultural and Creative Industries, Cultural on Historical Resources and Cultural Heritagejay1123@mam.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorJan-Yen HuangPh.D., Kyoto University of Technology, JapanMuseum and Local Society, Museum Policy Studies of Intangible Cultural Heritage swallow886@gmail.com
Associate ProfessorHung-Hui LuPh.D. in Theatre and Dance, Texas Technology University, U.S.Art Management, Art Marketing, Administration on Performing Arts Administration Consultancy hotpot@mam.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorDai-Rong Wu Ph.D. in Dual Degree in Art Education and Women's Studies, Pennsylvania State University, U.S.VisualArts Education, Feminist Pedagogy, Museum Studiesdairong@ahe.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorHsin-Yen YuEd.D. in Music and Music Education, Columbia University, U.S.Music Education, Music Pedagogy hsinyen@ahe.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorLan-Kuei HuangPh.D. in Accounting, National Taiwan UniversityFinancial Analysis, Managerial Accounting, Research Methodslkhuang@mam.tnua.edu.tw
Associate ProfessorKuo-Hua YuMA, Taipei National University of the ArtsCultural and Industries, Arts Management Creativity on Localandyxyu@yahoo.com.tw
Associate ProfessorMin-Chin Chiang Ph.d. in Archaeology, Leiden University, NederlandTraditional Craft Studies, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Modern Development of Traditional Artskayriver@gmail.com
Associate ProfessorFabienne Galangau-QuératMuséum National d'Histoire Naturelle - Parisgalangau@mnhn.fr