1. Degree: Ph.D.

2. Time Limitation

(1) within a period of 2-7 years.

(2) The MA. student could take the Ph.D. courses at least 54 credit within a period of 5 years.

3. The Ph.D. degree requires a minimum of 25 credits. Of these credits, up to 6 credits units may be transferred from another Department;  Ph.D. students are strongly encouraged to attend the International Exchange Student Program and  take the  Ph.D. courses from oversea. Of these credits, up to 9 credits may be transferred from the oversea courses.

4. Ph.D Candidacy Qualification:

(1) Complete required credits of graduate study.

(2) Successfully complete an oral and written preliminary qualifying exam.

5. Ph.D. Graduation Checklist 

(1) Publish one paper in TSSCITHCI CoreSSCIAHCI journals as first author , or two papers in other scholarly & peer reviewed journals.    

(2) Present two papers in an international conference, with one presented overseas in a foreign language. 

(3)  Pass the Ph.D. oral exam.